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R32 Rosalia Bike Trail (“R32 Rosalia-Radwanderweg”)

Challenging hills, exciting challenges

As you wish, sporty and active or e-bike comfort: This charming circuit through the gently hilly region of Rosalia has some tricky steep sections, especially around Wiesen and Forchtenstein, but your efforts are rewarded with wonderful views. 

And it’s also fine to get off your bike and push from time to time. There are so many beautiful views and attractive places awaiting cyclists on the stretch that takes you through orchards and strawberry fields. 

Visit Forchtenstein Castle, enjoy the breathtaking view into the distance from the castle wall and learn plenty about the history of the country and the noble House of Esterházy on one of the guided tours. You can even visit the famous treasury and cabinet of curiosities.

An enchanted fairytale land full of botanical wonders awaits you in the Rohrbach pond meadows conservation area.

There are so many welcoming places to stop for a relaxing break, and, depending on the season, there is so much to try, from delicious strawberries to nuts and wine.

Ready to sample that special Rosalia feeling?

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