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Liszt Festival Raiding

Liszt Festival Raiding

In honor of the great master

Franz Liszt was born in 1811 in Raiding. His birthplace is now a museum with collections on the artist’s life. 

The extraordinary talent of the pianist, conductor, composer, and music teacher was recognized at the age of seven. His travels took him to the biggest stages in Europe, and he is now considered one of the most influential artists of his time. The birthplace of the great, internationally renowned artist dedicates several concert cycles to the master every year. Under the directorship of the pianist brothers Eduard and Johannes Kutrowatz, an outstanding lineup pays homage to the eminent composer. Besides excellent musical performances, the program is complemented by humorous cabaret evenings and theater performances.

The concerts take place opposite the birthplace of Franz Liszt, the building was built in 2006. Located in a small park, it blends in perfectly with the picturesque town of Raiding. It’s not only the clear stylistic elements of the architecture that stand out, but also the outstanding acoustics, based on a special technique that uses curved spruce wood panels. So it’s no surprise that the Liszt Center often provides the stage for professional CD recordings. Franz Liszt once said: “Le concert, c’est moi!” – I am the concert! In Raiding, you too will be part of these fascinating performances.

Experience Beethoven and Liszt performed by a top-class lineup!

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