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picture on Bildein

picture on Bildein

Big stars in a little village

Situated by the Pinka in southern Burgenland, visitors to the peaceful little town of Bildein have been enjoying a diverse program since 2000: picture on offers the most relaxed atmosphere on the festival circuit. 

Where else can you see stars rocking out under a huge sycamore tree, dwarfed only by a mighty church tower? Which other festival has a glass-fronted wine room where can you enjoy a “Pinkawossa” (Uhudler spritzer) just a few meters away from the biggest stage in the south of Burgenland? The people here love to celebrate musical diversity. From old to young, from alternative to classic rock, from reggae to metal. There is something for everyone. Each year starts with an artistic performance on a raft in the Pinka. Whether literature or music: It must have a connection with southern Burgenland.

A restaurant and large store are practically on the same premises, and there is a café in the immediate vicinity. The campsite and adjacent parking lot are perfect for visitors. The canteen is in the style of a typical wine tavern. Guests need only head north a little for the next highlight: the magnificent sandy beach by the Pinka. A great place to relax when the sun is shining!

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