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Museum Village Mönchhof

A fascinating journey through time

From an entire Catholic church, which is also blessed as such, and fully functional workshops to houses, shops, a school, post office and town hall, the lovingly designed open-air museum contains everything visitors need to experience the village life of that era up close. There is even a cinema. Austrian culture in 35 different buildings.

The museum is laid out on a narrow but very long piece of land, and after just a few steps, you feel like you are on a film set. Just like a time machine, you embark on an exciting journey through the ages.

The objects and buildings collected date back to between 1890 and 1960. A magical collection that you simply have to experience and feel for yourself. You can still enjoy a hearty meal in the old tavern, get married in the church, and celebrate in the rustic barn with space for the entire congregation. Handicraft events provide an opportunity to learn skills of the past in workshops and tavern singing is great fun in the evenings.

“At first, in the 80s and 90s, I had to just smile at ‘Klumpert’s’ collecting,” says Ms. Haubenwallner. “Beppo was very strict, I wasn’t allowed to throw anything away. I would never have imagined that it would become an entire museum over the course of many, many years”. The whole family is now involved in preserving this world of yesterday. “To us, it’s very important that the past is preserved for younger generations, we are more than happy to put a lot of work into it.”

The latest attraction can be found opposite the museum area: the old Mönchhof station building, where, among other attractions, three fully equipped railway wagons are on display.

Mönchhof Village Museum is closed during the winter months, but guided group tours are possible by prior arrangement. Interesting events take place throughout the year, including outside of opening hours.

Ready for a journey through time?

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