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Kayaking in Burgenland

Discovering nature by canoe and sea kayak

Whether you are an experienced professional or a complete novice: There are many corners of Burgenland that are best explored by canoe or kayak, such as the wide range of flora and fauna along the Pinka, Lafnitz, Raab, and Wulka. 

Beginners receive a short introduction and are accompanied by helpful canoe guides. Boats, paddles, and life jackets can be hired on site and conveniently returned when back onshore. 

The Leitha and Lake Neusiedl are ideal for canoe trips. Take in the varied landscapes as you travel along the gently flowing water of the shallow river, and experience the reed bed around Lake Neusiedl from a completely new perspective. 

Each route has its own charm and very special features. Glide past a variety of different landscapes. A canoe trip at night under a full moon in summer is an amazing romantic adventure. 

Does the thought of 300 days of sunshine a year make you want to paddle off into the sunset right away?