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Pleasure hiking

Pleasure hiking trails in Burgenland

Take a relaxed hike through the most beautiful landscapes

Where else can you find all this? A lively cultural landscape that you can enjoy walking through. Enjoyment, of course, can mean a number of things.

On the one hand, gentle hikes through rolling vineyards is in itself a pleasure for body and soul. On the other hand, the vineyards are not only beautiful, they are carefully and professionally cultivated, producing award-winning fine wines.

There’s also a unique cuisine with regional ingredients and Pannonian influences, perfectly coordinated with the fine wines. And, of course, a sunny portion of Burgenland hospitality. Topping it all off, however, are the landscapes and nature parks to hike through in Burgenland: Even the well-traveled are amazed.

With gentle hills and flat paths, the Burgenland hiking trails are suitable for all the family – don’t worry, you can leave your fear of heights at home. Because in Burgenland, relaxed themed trails await you, such as the Wine Route hike (Weinstraßenwanderung) in Pinkatal in Southern Burgenland, the Apple Trail (Apfelweg) in the hilly Neuhaus region, or the Cherry Blossom Trail (Kirschblütenweg) by the Leitha Mountains. 

Ready to enjoy a relaxing hike in a region with over 300 days of sunshine a year?

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