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The houses of the Mönchhof Village Museum show living history

The part of Seewinkel in which Mönchhof is located used to be known as “Hoadboden” (Heideboden). There are more than 35 buildings in the museum, showing how people used to live, work, and how they celebrated too. 

When you enter one of the houses, you feel the spirit of a different era, and it’s easy to imagine the anxieties, troubles, and needs of the people of that time. But visitors can also experience the finer aspects of life, the care and the craftsmanship. In craftsman’s row, for example, the houses of the carpenter, tailor, cobbler, wainwright, saddler, painter, and mason show how the tools of that time were used to make the most important things.

Visiting the shops of the hat maker, baker, hairdresser, the dairy, or haberdashery, you get a lively impression of the places where people met and bought their everyday goods. A tavern and church are of course essential to any village, and there is even a cinema, post office, and town hall, as well as many other typical village buildings. And all of these Burgenland buildings are originals that were once located in various other places. Nothing has been artificially replicated.

Check out the wonderful variety, and enjoy the special atmosphere of this charming little museum.

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