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Neusiedler See-Leithagebirge Nature Park

The Pannonian Garden welcomes visitors all year round!

The World Heritage Site Neusiedler See-Leithagebirge Nature Park not only has impressive natural scenery, but also cultural heritage sites.

A picturesque area shaped by the vast steppe lake, the gentle slopes of the Leitha Mountains, and the historic town centers. This combination of culture and nature results in an extraordinary construct: The nature park is deliberately not a closed “conservatory”, but a shared habitat for plants, animals, and people – including visitors.

The influences of many peoples can still be felt today. Starting with the Celts and Romans, the Turks, Hungarians, Southern Germans, and Austrians have all left their mark on the area. Historical sites can be admired in the nature park communities of Breitenbrunn, Donnerskirchen, Purbach, Winden, and Jois.

Here at Neusiedler See-Leithagebirge Nature Park, there are several types of landscape in a very small space. From vineyards to the impressive reed bed around one of the largest steppe lakes in Central Europe, mixed forests, wetlands, and ridges made of calcareous limestone, the diverse landscape delights all visitors. The area is a radiant sea of flowers, especially in spring. Enjoy the Pannonian spring along the cherry blossom cycle path (B12 Kirschblüten-Radweg). The other seasons are just as appealing in their own unique way. You can enjoy a great view from Kirchberg in Winden. A picture book landscape unfolds in front of your eyes. And if you prefer to explore the nature park on the water, a canoe tour through the reed bed is recommended. Hiking trails connect the nature park communities, opening up marvelous panoramas.

This beautiful area is dotted with cultural and historical sights, such as old alleys lined with wine cellars or town centers with well-preserved buildings from the 16th century, such as the historic city center of Purbach or the Kellerviertel in Breitenbrunn. You can find out more about the history at the tower museum in Breitenbrunn or at the local museum in Jois. The picturesque landscape has also inspired numerous artists to settle in the area. Visitors come to this vibrant hub to enjoy numerous events and guided World Heritage tours in the nature park communities. 

Will you be paying a visit to Burgenland’s liveliest nature park? 

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