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Culinary regions

Culinary regions in Burgenland (Genussregionen)

Delicious variety and Pannonian gems

There’s always a sunny outlook for connoisseurs in Burgenland, because the Pannonian climate ensures very special enjoyment. The country has a treasure trove of delicious traditions and unique specialties. Each of the various culinary regions has something very special at the heart of their efforts - sustainably managed agricultural diversity and pride in high-quality regional delicacies. From animal products and cereals to fruit and nuts. 

Connoisseurs will find the “best apricot in Austria” in the northernmost tip of Burgenland, because in Kittsee 30,000 apricot trees produce tons of wonderful fruit each year. Sunny vegetables (Sonnengemüse) ripen in the Seewinkel area, where besides classic vegetables such as peppers and cabbage, sweet potatoes, melons, and ginger also thrive. An ideal habitat for the Hungarian steppe cattle, which live here in a manageable herd and contribute to the preservation of the national park.

There’s another gem to be found to the west of Lake Neusiedl, Leithaberger cherries (Edelkirsche). A wide range of varieties, including some unique rare species, are cultivated here and used in regional delicacies. The Rosalia Nature Park also has a “sweet region”. The town of Wiesen lies in the center and is widely known for its famous strawberries.

The culinary journey continues into Southern Burgenland, where the herbs bloom in spring and summer, and fall is the peak season for goose. The meadows in the Zickenbach valley are the largest Pannonian fen and the Zickental fen bulls graze happily here. The region around Kukmirn and Neustift bei Güssing is a paradise for apple lovers. Whether as dessert fruit or pressed for juice, you can really taste the sun here. 

Discover the sunny diversity that Burgenland conjures up and treat yourself to outstanding culinary experiences! 

  • Zickental Fen Cattle Culinary Region (Genussregion Zickentaler Moorochse)

    The finest Southern Burgenland cuisine

    The wet meadows in the Zickenbach valley between the towns of Heugraben, Eisenhüttl, and Rohr have been a nature reserve since 2001. Auwiesen Zickenbachtal is a 42 hectare area of fens, the largest of its kind in the Pannonian region.

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  • Leithaberger Cherry Culinary Region (Genussregion Leithaberger Edelkirsche)

    The deep red treasure on the slopes of Lake Neusiedl

    Since the 18th century, cherries have been grown on the slopes of the Leitha Mountains, which gently lead down to Lake Neusiedl - always in mixed cultivation with vineyards.

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  • Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park Steppe Cattle Culinary Region (Genussregion Nationalpark Neusiedler See-Seewinkel Steppenrind)

    Majestic creatures in the Pannonian landscape

    Hungarian steppe cattle is an old domestic species kept in extensive areas in the cross-border Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park. On the one hand, the elegant animals make a significant contribution to the restoration of the pastures on the salt steppes near Lake Neusiedl. 

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  • Kittsee Apricot Culinary Region (Genussregion Kittseer Marille)

    The apricot paradise in Northern Burgenland

    The apricots around Kittsee in Northern Burgenland are especially delicious. Originally native to the Middle East, the tree from the rose family finds ideal conditions here to produce wonderful sun-ripened fruit.

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