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Leave stress behind

Leave your stress behind ...

... and literally go all the way

It’s easy to explain why you see so many people travelling on foot or by bike in Burgenland: It’s simply a wonderful place for hiking and cycling. Many of these people are not worried about performance or speed. They have a clear goal: Leaving their stress behind, one step at a time. 

With pilgrim trails becoming increasingly popular, word has got around: Nothing clears your head better than walking or cycling. Admittedly, with the help of an e-bike many people feel spurred on to do more, but generally these types of exercise reduce stress levels. And the key is that you decide on the length of the route and your speed.

Whether you want to do Nordic walking, or simply walk or cycle through the countryside: Burgenland is the ideal place to balance your mind, body, and soul. Surrounded by an enchanting landscape, interesting and scenic attractions along the way and so many cozy spots to rest or stay the night: Let go and start on a new footing. 

There is a wide range of hiking and cycling trails in Burgenland – leave everyday life behind, say goodbye to your stress, and off you go. The sooner the better!

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    For most cyclists, 2,000 hours of sunshine in unique landscapes is the most convincing argument. The mild Pannonian climate allows for a longer outdoor season and the different topographies guarantee a refreshing change. The facts are very impressive in themselves: Over 3,300 km of well-equipped bike paths, from nice family routes to sporty race tracks and fast-paced mountain bike trails.

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  • Hiking in Burgenland

    Sunny and gentle: Fun for all the family

    From straight paths on the plains to gentle hills: The Burgenland trails are the ideal hiking destination for everyone, families included.

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