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Hiking with added sunshine

Hiking in Burgenland

Sunny and gentle: Fun for all the family

From straight paths on the plains to gentle hills: The Burgenland trails are the ideal hiking destination for everyone, families included.

The ascents are not too steep and the paths lead you through diverse landscapes: Through vineyards and vast plains, through forests, steppes, and colorful meadows. 

If you want to cross Burgenland on foot from north to south: The new long-distance “Bernstein Trail” winds its way across the entire region over about 310 km. Or you can try the alpannonia® long-distance hiking trail, which takes you from the foothills of the Alps to the Pannonian Plain and always offers impressive panoramic views. 

Hiking fans will find plenty of nature parks with exciting themed trails, such as the wine route hike (Weinstraßenwanderung) in the Pinka valley in Southern Burgenland. There are the temptations of the apple trail (Apfelweg) in the hilly Neuhaus region, or the enchanting cherry blossom trail (Kirschblütenweg) along the Leitha Mountains in the north.

Whether it’s the hilly south or the vast plains of the north, the sun is almost always part of the Burgenland landscape. And with 300 days of sunshine each year, it’s no surprise.

  • Bernstein Trail

    A long-distance hiking wonderland

    Opened in 2019, the Bernstein Trail literally puts Burgenland at the feet of hikers and in two different versions. In 13 easy-to-manage and exciting stages, this eventful route takes you through the entirety of the sunniest state in Austria.

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  • Alpannonia

    A cross-border pleasure hike from the Eastern Alps to the lowlands

    The Alpannonia long-distance hiking trail connects the eastern foothills of the Alps with the Pannonian Plain in six or seven daily stages. 

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  • Interactive map

    Both eyes on the route. Use the interactive map to find the best route. Whether hiking or cycling, leisure or sport - there are a wide variety of paths and tours in Burgenland.

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