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Bernstein Trail

The Bernstein Trail

The Bernstein Trail offers a wide range of opportunities to experience Burgenland in all its unique facets. Discover gently undulating landscapes, picturesque places, excellent products, cuisine and wines and meet people who have the sun in their hearts - hiking is a must!

Experience the different regions and their magic up close. Immerse yourself in the landscape with all your senses, experience natural beauty and cultural sights. Culinary arts and the world of wine are there to be savored. A fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to enjoy a balanced change to everyday life through walking and wishes to experience an entire holiday region with all the senses.

An extra-special, lively long-distance hiking experience will unfold for you along the historic “Roman Amber Road”, where valuable amber was transported from the Baltic States to the Adriatic in ancient times. And the best part: You can keep a bumper stock of attractive overnight stays, luggage transport and shuttle services conveniently handy in your pocket, prepared for you in a package or individually tailored to your needs.

Comfort with added sunshine on a wonderful path full of experiences.

When are you setting off on your great hiking adventure on the BernsteinTrail?

In the footsteps of the romans


Due to the mild Pannonian climate, the Bernstein Trail is probably the earliest season long-distance hiking trail that in Austria. Besides, cozy traditional accommodation options and the warm-hearted hosts and their culinary delights ensure the best conditions to make your hiking trip a very special adventure.

Spring is the most attractive time to walk the old amber road. Nature is awakening with enchanting, breathtaking blooms. Autumn, when the harvest is in full swing, offers ideal conditions.

You decide! Whatever the season, there is plenty to discover.


Around the time of Christ’s birth, “state roads” were created in the Roman Empire, along which, among other things, the coveted (petrified) resin was transported from the Baltic Sea coast to the Adriatic. Part of this road network was the winter-proof connection between Carnuntum on the Danube and the economically important city of Aquileia in Italy – the Roman amber road.

The Bernstein Trail opened in 2019 and is the first bookable long-distance hiking trail traversing the old Roman road from Northern to Southern Burgenland, with milestone stages in Hungary. The is 306 kilometers long in total and begins in Petronell-Carnuntum in Lower Austria. It leads through the UNESCO World Heritage region of Lake Neusiedl - Seewinkel, with detours to Sopron and Kőszeg in Hungary, further into Mittelburgenland, through the Geschrittenstein-Írottkő and Weinidylle nature parks before ending in St. Martin an der Raab.


For autonomous and individual organization and booking, the accommodations on the Bernstein Trail can also be booked on your own. A convenient alternative and for an extra portion of service is booking through the official Bernstein Trail Info & Booking Center of the Trail Angels.

All information about the Bernstein Trail can be found here.

Overview of all the legs of the journey