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Bernstein Trail

Bernstein Trail

A long-distance hiking wonderland

Opened in 2019, the Bernstein Trail literally puts Burgenland at the feet of hikers and in two different versions. In 13 easy-to-manage and exciting stages, this eventful route takes you through the entirety of the sunniest state in Austria.

Experience the different regions and their magic up close. Immerse yourself in the landscape with all your senses, experience natural beauty and cultural sights. Savor local cuisines and world-famous wines. A fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to enjoy a balanced distraction from everyday life in the form of walking, experiencing an entire vacation destination with all the senses.

An exceptional and lively long-distance hiking experience unfolds for you along the historic “Roman Amber Road” (“Römische Bernsteinstraße”), where, in ancient times, valuable amber was transported from the Baltic States to the Adriatic.

When are you setting off on your big hiking adventure along the Bernstein Trail?

In the footsteps of the romans


Due to the mild Pannonian climate, the Bernstein Trail is probably the first long-distance hiking trail in Austria that is accessible early on in the year. In addition, cozy, traditional accommodation and warm-hearted hosts ready to serve up their culinary delights will ensure that your hiking trip becomes a very special adventure. 

Spring is the best time to walk the old Bernsteinstraße. Nature begins to stir and blossoms into something truly breathtaking. Fall also offers ideal conditions, with the grape harvest in full swing.

The choice is yours! Whatever the season, there’s plenty to discover.


Around the time of Christ’s birth, the Roman Empire created “state roads”, along which, among other things, much sought-after amber resin was transported from the Baltic Sea coast to the Adriatic. Part of this road network was the winter-proof connection between Carnuntum, situated on the Danube, and the city of Aquileia in Italy which was an important economic hub – the römische Bernsteinstraße (Roman Bernstein Road). 

The Bernstein Trail opened in 2019 and is the first bookable long-distance hiking trail along the old Roman road from Northern to Southern Burgenland, with stages in Hungary. The route is 310 kilometers long in total and begins in Petronell-Carnuntum in Lower Austria. It passes through the Neusiedler See - Seewinkel UNESCO World Heritage region, with detours to Sopron and Kőszeg in Hungary, delving further into Central Burgenland, through the Geschriebenstein-Írottkő and Weinidylle nature parks before finishing in St. Martin an der Raab. 

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