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Przewalski's horses

Wild horses in Seewinkel

According to cave paintings, the wild horse - originally native to Asia and named after the Russian explorer and discoverer of the breed Nikola Michailowitsch Przewalski - was found in Western Europe as early as the Old Stone Age. 

Only 31 members of this stocky and compact breed of wild horse survived World War II. Since then, attempts have been made worldwide to preserve this rare species, which is considered the only living wild breed left. In the lake area of Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park, you can still see around a dozen of these graceful animals, whose ancestors found shelter in Schönbrunn Zoo.

They are used as “landscape carers” between the lake dam and the reed bed, because extensive pasture management is now an essential nature conservation tool and prevents the reed from spreading to the land.

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