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White donkeys

The last baroque donkeys are hiding out in Seewinkel

You can discover a small herd of the extremely rare breed of white donkey - there are only around 200 of the animals left worldwide - at Sandeck in Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park. 

The beautiful creatures were specially bred during the Baroque Era for entertaining the upper classes, hence the name. Their white skin and light yellow coat stand out from a long way off, and their light blue eyes sparkle up close.

By the way: The white donkeys are extremely sure-footed animals. However, like all donkeys, they are difficult to lead over even small watercourses – they cannot tell how deep the water is and seemingly remain “stubborn”. Little bridges were therefore built over the smallest streams during the Middle Ages, so-called “donkey bridges”.

In any case, you’ll feel the proverbial sun rise when you meet these friendly animals. Especially when a young foal joins them, immediately capturing the hearts of cyclists and hikers.

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