Naturpark Rosalia-Kogelberg

Schattendorf | Nordburgenland

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The Rosalia - Kogelberg Nature Park is the youngest nature park in Burgenland and comprises 13 communities. It is located on the eastern edge of the Vienna Basin and is home to the “Mattersburger Hügelland” bird sanctuary with a large number of bird species.

The landscape is characterized by the Ödenburger and Rosaliengebirge, in the valley by the Wulka, hedges and orchards, strawberry fields and wet meadows, vineyards and chestnut groves. Trees that like it warm are found here, such as oaks, hornbeams or the sweet chestnut.

The “Rohrbacher Kogel” nature reserve is one of the most extensive arid landscapes in the area, where the colorful iris, diptame, linseed species, the Siberian bellflower, the meadow pasque flower and some types of orchids grow.

The nature park is home to the largest national breeding population of the Scops Owl, which is extremely rare in Austria. She needs tree hollows for breeding, but she also has nesting boxes. This nocturnal migratory bird overwinters in southern Europe and south of the Sahara. It feeds on larger insects and spiders, but also on earthworms, woodlice, small birds and mammals as well as tree frogs. The scops owl is a warmth-loving species that uses open and sometimes dry landscapes.

There are also numerous plant species in the nature park, such as the extremely tasty sweet chestnut. This beech plant is an old cultivated plant and is roasted and cooked for culinary purposes. The sweet chestnut is a good pasture for bees - sweet chestnut honey is a specialty among the pure honey varieties.

Size: 7,500 ha

Founding year: 2006

Important habitats:

Orchards, forest / forest edge and clearings, poor meadows, dry grass


Bad Sauerbrunn, Baumgarten, Draßburg, Forchtenstein, Loipersbach, Marz, Pöttelsdorf, Pöttsching, Rohrbach, Schattendorf, Sigleß, Sieggraben, Zemendorf-Stöttera

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