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Culinary experiences

Worlds of experience

A feast for all the senses

There’s no time to be bored in Burgenland. Because there is always an adventure, a discovery, something exciting, something enticing or enjoyable waiting just around the corner.

We introduce you to some very different destinations. Here you can experience a broad range of wine, cuisines and the delicious sunny side of life in Burgenland. 

Discover the diversity of Burgenland at the click of a mouse and choose what you’re looking for. Wander through seemingly endless orchards and taste your way through the range of juices, liqueurs, and other delicacies. Wine adventure worlds present the finest Burgenland wines, a true feast for all the senses! Some of the worlds of experience are particularly well-suited to group visits. There’s nothing better than sharing these unforgettable special moments!

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